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Image Help Motorsport Auto

Having trouble uploading images? Most of today's digital cameras produce images with large file sizes that don't send very well over the internet. Since the images you upload to the customer Z Gallery need to be 100kb or less in file size, most will need to be reduced in file size before uploading.

As far as the length and width of the images you upload to the Z gallery, they will be automatically reduced in length and width so that the largest side is no longer than 800 pixels. So if your camera produces an image that is 3000 pixels wide, the Z Gallery software will reduce that image, as is, to 800 pixels wide. If you want to crop your image to remove some of the background and bring your Z to the forefront of the image, you will need to do so before uploading.

So whether your image is already "framed" the way you want it and you simply need to reduce the file size, or if you wish to perform more advanced editing, you need to do so before uploading your image to the Z Gallery. Editing your image sizes isn't difficult, but not everybody has software, like Photoshop, to do so. Therefore we have researched some simple options to help you quickly and easily be able to change your pictures online, without software, or having to purchase or download anything. The best two we found are below. We have tested these options, and we think work pretty well!

The most simple and fast online image "resizer" we found is iResize.com, where you can choose from pre-set options quickly and easily. If you would like more options and variability in how you adjust your images, drpic.com has more advanced tools.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, just drop us a line.

Dr. Pic

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